MYSALA is a open creative space in Granada, Spain with the objective to organize and host events, workshops and projects. Our motivation is based on non-profit and shareconomy principles and we invite everybody to use MYSALA as a vehicle and a kick-starter for their ideas and projects. You can host and create your events and projects under the roof of MYSALA. Our next milestone is to transform MYSALA into a sole non-profit organization (association) based on the creative power of its associates and supporters.

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We need your opinion

We need your opinion. We are short of having the new MYSALA Association set-up and we need your help with finding a membership model that resonates with what you would like MYSALA to be. Please take part... read more

Spanish version online

Finally! The spanish version of the website is online. There may be still parts missing or pages/posts need to be translated or updated but we are working on it. If you find any errors or missing parts... read more


MYSALA Kickoff – prelude

Thank you all for coming. We received some value feedback! The presentation can be found here (The live full version in spanish soon as video!) Are we on the right track? YES!... read more


New Granada group

We launched a new user group to organize open monthly idea kickoff events and reach more people. The idea: do things, create things and talk... read more

Conclusion: Global Startup Battle

Ok we didn't win but winning does not mean a thing! its about seeing your projects through, make it real - that is what counts in the end. All else is foreplay.


Startup Weekend Granada

MYSALA is participating in the global start-up weekend battle 2013, NOV 22 in Spiral Startups Granada. Each participant has the chance to pitch one idea in 60 seconds to all other participants. At the... read more


We need to talk about TED

A critic TED talk about TED talks and the common trap of presenters to over-simplify things or sensationalize ideas. The question raised: Have you ever wondered why so little of the future promised in TED... read more


The record breaker – Documentary

Beautiful short-movie/documentary about a man who has set over 350 Guinness Book world records - Being the person to hold the most records in history recorded.


Qualia Soup – Critical Thinking

UK based web series discussing critical thinking, science, philosophy and the natural world produced by QualiSoup (YT channel). The presentation style of the web series is similar to popular RSA animation... read more



Bulgarian duo "1000 names" teamed up in early 90ies and ever since has been working towards perfection between electronic and hip-hop music - they call it "eklekto hip-hop"


Flatland – The book

Flatland - A Romance of Many Dimensions. Written in 1884 by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott flatland is a wonderful book and observation about the limitations of human perception and imagination... read more


Nicolas Jaar

Rated as one of the most inspiring electronic producer of the last decade, Nicolas Jaar music and mixes are new far from stunning. Nicolas apparently started producing music with the age of 14 and a lot... read more


The browser – writing worth reading

Lost in a world of mainstream news portals, pages and magazines? If so you may consider checking out, a news aggregation service that recommends content, articles on a wide range... read more


Bonobo – the north borders

If wanting to describe Bonobos newest album "The north borders" the first thing that comes to mind is the melancholically touch and the detail richness of the instrumentation and arrangement. Simon Greens... read more


I am fishead

Circling around the question how psychopaths are influencing our society the czech documentary "I am fishead" fills in a blank hole when it comes to understand the greater reasons for the economic depression... read more


Somewhere under the Rainbow

Finally Tom managed to finish his book about the Rainbow Gatherings which he mostly wrote sitting in Manila here last year. His book takes you on a journey into the world and people of the gatherings tom... read more